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CHARLOTTE. English. 21. Bi. Artist. Otaku. Geek. Twisted. Sweet. Clingy. Hyper. Emo. Sarcastic. Funny. House weapon. Intelligent. Closet pervert. Loyal. Stubborn. Weird.

LOVES music, art, friends, reading, anime, manga, writing, graphics, drawing, the internet, letters, technology, make-up, stand-up, photography, jeans, amusing quotes.

FRIENDING? No problem, just drop me a line to say why. I usually friend back. If not, it's me, not you. ♥

Interests (137):

100% perfect girl (w), admin, adorable cafes, amelie, animanga, answering back (cad), arabella (gh), asleep (by), baking, being human, bleach, bleach (tk), bloodshot monochrome (pa), chobits (clamp), chrono crusade, cocktails, counting crows, cowboy bebop, csi, death cab for cutie, death note, death note (oo), desserts, disney, doctor who, dogs (sm), drawing, economics, elo, f1, feeder, ff xii, fiction, florence and the machine, full metal panic!, fullmetal alchemist, games (ps2), garbage, ghost in the shell s.a.c., green day, gundam wing, harry potter (jkr), his dark materials series (pp), howl's moving castle (dwj), hugs, invictus, jack johnson, karas, katy perry, kimi ni todoke (ks), kitchen (by), konnexion balkon, lady gaga, lcd soundsystem, letters, library wars, lists, little boots, long chats over drinks and cakes, lost at sea (bom), lucky charms, making history (sf), manga, maria mena, maroon 5, matchbox 20, merlin, mock the week, modern history, modest mouse, motorbike racing, muse, my chemical romance, neon genesis evangelion, notebooks, nouvelle vague, old magic (mc), online comics, painting, paolo nutini, paprika, perfume, persona 3, persona 4, photography, poetry, punk fiction (various), qi, radiohead, reading, rent, rugby, s.s.astro (nb), sarcasm, scandal, scott pilgrim, sherlock, sleeping in, soup, speak (lha), star wars, strange angels (lsc), studio ghibli, study breaks, sugar rush, sum (de), surfing the internet, sweets, t-shirts, tea, tegan and sara, the beatles, the boat that rocked, the clash, the liar (sf), the place promised in our early days, the queen, the realm of possibility (l), the temper trap, the time traveller's wife (an), thirteen reasons why (ja), thirty seconds to mars, to the one i love (clamp), top gear, train man (nh), transformatirix (pa), trinkets, utena, vampire weekend, vanessa carlton, voices of a distant star, warm colours, warm showers, writing, xxxholic (clamp), yu-gi-oh abridged, zone-00 (kq)
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